This is a cheapo airsoft gun that I decided needed to look a little more realistic.
I made some post-apocalyptic themed gun-porn to show it off.

Here’s some pictures from before I got to it. Despite the look, the internals are actually pretty nice.

Notice the lack of magazine. Because of the mechanics, sometimes the guns didn’t load like real guns. A revolver might hold 20 rounds in the handle or something like that. This one has to have a special magazine loaded in that slot in the foregrip.
Higher quality airsoft guns often have a dummy mag. This one didn’t so I remedied that.
I bought a real 5 round magazine in the caliber that the real version of this rifle commonly takes, rendered it inoperable, cut a space for it, cut the finger spaces out of the stock and filled them in properly.
Then I had to take care of that cheap looking plastic body. So I bought epoxy coating that’s meant for real firearms.
It’s far less reflective so it adds that real look and feel to it.

I don’t get to play airsoft lately so my guns have retired to film making for the most part.

At the time my old cat was really interested in what I was doing, he wouldn’t get out of the picture.
He’s since passed on. I’m happy to have pictures of him like this one.


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    1. Cold steel Bushman. That knife has proven it’s self on multiple occasions, including being bent at a 40 degree angle when it got hung up in a knot trying to split firewood and springing back into perfect shape once it broke through. I’ve heard they’re not as well made as they used to be but for $30 I think I’m going to test that out someday.

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