By no means an amazing prop, but a fun project.

In 2012 the Megasteakman crew entered the RCBC ‘Trailer Trash’ film festival.
The idea was to create a recycling PSA in the format of a film trailer. We made The Lord of Recycling.

Ours was not the only entry based on ‘The Lord of the Rings’ but I think we were the only actual film makers to enter because everything else I saw looked like it was shot on a cellphone.
I offered my sword but they didn’t want it, So I made a ‘Lothlorien’ brooch instead that I wish I had pictures of.

I get a last minute text from Kial saying something like “Hey Dave, do you think you could maybe whip up a Ring Wraith gauntlet for the shoot?”
With about three hours left to do anything I called him in a bit of a panic, going to say there wasn’t any way. I didn’t even have the materials.
Just as the words were coming out of my mouth, I spotted a box of empty beer cans in the corner of the garage.
I promise Kial he will have his gauntlet.

We only needed one for the planned shots, though they ended up making a second one out of duct tape when they realized the other hand would be visible at times.

The irony was lost on me until after it was finished that I had made a gauntlet for a recycling PSA by recycling beer cans.
Had I thought of it, I might have had the label side of the can face up. It would have fit perfectly with the garbage-bag tattered robes.

I was amazed at how good it looked on camera.
I don’t know how they got a hold of a bomb-proof horse that would let a man covered in garbage bags climb onto it’s back.

Needless to say, we won the competition, but a few years later some outfit in the Netherlands bought the rights to use it for their own recycling campaign.


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