Action figure commissions.

Since my 2D art work is total crap I thought it might be cool to make a sculpture of my furry form. Then I thought, since he’s always wearing military gear and guns, why not make them interchangeable by just making a head sculpt for one of my 1/6th scale figures? So that’s what I’ve gone and done. Who wouldn’t want an action figure of their furry form?

If you’re not fully familiar with 1/6th scale figures please see This Link. I’ll give you a run down of what they’re about and go over the differences between them which will help you to decide what to choose for your figure.

I’ve done a few for myself and I’ve been sculpting enough lately that I’m in the groove and ready to take on commissions. I could possibly take on a full sculpture if you’re really interested but it would take longer to complete as I have a few others on the go.
Action figures don’t take up quite so much energy, I often have bodies on hand so starting heads for them is a pretty simple task and are often a welcome break from the more exhausting projects.

A simple head sculpt would be carved from polymer clay, more complex heads could include real/synthetic hair(Headfur only, the face will not be covered in real fur.)
The art style can be based on realism or I can try to emulate someone’s drawings of your character provided I have sufficient reference material.

The feet could remain plantigrade to be covered with readily available boots or shoes, or I could sculpt digitigrade feet, either textured like a bare foot or made to look like it’s wearing specially designed footwear.
Examples here and here.

I recommend gloved hands, although, if we can find bare hands in the colour of your character’s skin I could texture and paint the backs while leaving the parts that would  come in regular contact with accessories unpainted.

It’s best that I have the body in my possession to make sure the head will fit it correctly, especially if I’m making feet and definitely if I’m texturing parts of it. As mentioned, I usually have used bodies on hand, so as long as they fit your needs I can get started right away.
Otherwise I’ll need to go purchase a body first. Generic bodies both used and new are often readily available, or if there is a complete boxed figure you would like we can see about getting our hands on it.
Gloved hands can be a bit harder to find, particularly for female figures. I try to snatch them up when I see them.
If you happen to have a body already, there may be options for us to work with it.
I could also texture any parts of the body that might show. For example, if you wanted to give your character wrist and elbow bands to hide the joints I could texture the fore-arms and upper-arms.
If design allows we may be able to show off some of the neck and chest. In some cases the torso is a solid piece down to the waist which would allow us to show off quite a bit more.

I would like to offer tails. The materials would depend on what kind of tail I am making. Presently, I think the best way to attach them would be via a tie or strap so it can be removed for ease of changing clothing.

Clothing and accessories are readily available and for the most part completely interchangeable between different brands. However, one annoyance I’ve had is that the pants are often designed to be worn with boots that cover the ankle joints so they don’t always hang low enough to hide the joint when the foot is replaced with a digitigrade.

To remedy this, I would like to at some point offer custom clothing which would also have slits in the back for tails. Mind you, this is yet another medium and there are many people more skilled at sewing than I, so that might be something you’d like to look for separately.

The tops your figure can wear will depend on how the neck is attached to the body. In the case of my Bull the shirts need to have high collars in order to hide the neck seam,  shown here.
Where as the husky’s neck fur looks good sticking out over the top of the short collar,  shown here.


These are approximations just to give you an idea of what you’re going to spend. There’s always a way to make things more expensive but the less design I need to do the better it is for you, so try to get me design sketches, references for expressions, detailed images of the head at multiple angles, etc.
If you’re skilled at painting I could leave that to you which would save you a bit as well.
No accessories are included in the prices.

Bodies $20-$40.

Head sculpts $50-$80

Digitigrade Feet $20-$30

Tails and additional texturing: TBD

Think about what it is you would like your figure to be and do then feel free to contact me for a consultation.


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